What Does Flash Do?

Another example of what flash actually does and how much it can change your photography.

Sometimes the flashes don't fire, sometimes you forget to turn something on. The latter is what usually happens with me. You're usually always racing against time to get set up - is the spot a bust? Is the skater getting close straight away? There's a lot going on when you're about to shoot a photo so these things are bound to happen every now and again.

Like I mentioned, I think this was a case of not turning on the flash transmitter that sends the signals to the flashes I had set up.

In the dark photo the only part of the exposure that is correct is the sky, the spot almost looks like it's at night.

There are three flashes set up to create the light in this shot.

Check the diagram that took me way longer than it should have to draw.

This is the best set up I've found (for this angle on the trick) to avoid shadows. Not only are you navigating your flashes being hit, you being hit, or even your camera getting hit. You're now trying to navigate the light in your photograph, so watch out for those fisheye shadows!

I'm definitely not a perfect photographer, these are just my opinions, maybe they'll help you down the line.


Matt Peters - Pop Shuv-it.
Photo: Graham Tait
Shot with a Canon EOS3 35mm SLR using Fuji Provia 100F film
Featured in North 34 Film Gallery
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