Primitive Euro Tour

It’s exactly what it sounds like and it doesn’t disappoint.

Featuring: Paul Rodriguez, Tiago Lemos, Wade Desarmo, Carlos Ribeiro, Trent McClung, JB Gillet, Marek Zaprazny, Robert Neal, Tre Williams, Giovanni Vianna, Patrick Zentgraf, Charlie Muntro and Farid Ulrich.

Filmed by: Alan Hannon and Bobby Bils.

North 23

North issue 23 will be hitting shops this week!

If you can’t get to a shop don’t worry, you can order a copy here.


Tal Roberts

Film Gallery with: Andreas, Satzinger, Balthazar Wyss, Benjamin Deberdt, Bobby Murphy, Brendan Frost, Cameron Markin, Fabien Ponsero, Felix, Adler, Friedjof, Feye, Jan Vollmann, & Wade Mclaughlin.

Manny Lopez

Cover: Manny Lopez - BS 5.0  Photographer - Graham Tait

Cover: Manny Lopez - BS 5.0

Photographer - Graham Tait


Wayward have just released a welcome clip of Calvin Ligono, check that!

Edit by Forde Brookefield.
Additional filming by James Cruikshank and Slugger.


Matlok Bennet-Jones from James Cruickshank’s Afterbang video.

Copies still available here.


Myles Rushforth had just released a part through Vague Mag for Welcome Skate Store.

It’s good so you should definitely watch it. Now.

Today Now

Wondering what Dylan Hughes has been up to? Nick Richards puts this edit together from footage filmed by himself and Harry Deane for your viewing pleasure. Thanks guys!


Superlative is the first video from Connecticut’s Social Hour.

Featuring: Brett Desrosiers, Ethan Giorgetti, Sam Cahill, Alex Nivison, Jack O'Connor, Louis Amodio, DJ Rosa, Connor Noll, Justin Koziol and many more.

Filmed primarily in Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Massachusetts from April 2018-August 2019.

Watch it then follow them on Instagram @_Social_hour_

Vans - Take It Back

Geoff Rowley, Pedro Delfino and Ronnie Sandoval smash everything in their way.

I was hyped to have shot Geoff when he was at Livi. I couldn’t believe it was his first time there!

Geoff 4.JPG
FS Pivot

FS Pivot

Photos: Graham Tait

Photos: Graham Tait

The Skateboarding Physio

Ben Rowles has taken his physio to the next level. He’s now offering Skype sessions to help with all your aches and pains.

For more details please visit his website here.

Photos by Reece Leung

Photos by Reece Leung