Photography by Graham Tait
Interview by Jake Todd


Big Nye the Snymer guy, how the hell are ya?

Jakeyyyyyyy! I’m good dude, just got done skating and about to eat some dinner.


Where does “The Snymer” even come from?

It’s just a dumb inside joke with my brother. When I was like 16 I burnt a grilled cheese and accidentally said it. Just ran with it since for some reason.

How was your second Miami stint with us? Kinda funny, as it’s where it all started with you.

It was great! Loved the Airbnb and hot tub’n with the boys. Had the best piña colada. I’ve ever had and had so much fun. Met a lot of cool new people and got the opportunity to shoot photos with Graham. So it was exactly what I’d hoped for.

How does it feel being a big dawg in the pro leagues now?

Bizarre, I definitely don’t feel like I’m in that league but still such a cool honour. I’m thankful anyone would feel that way about my skating!

Bs Heelflip


Were you actually surprised?

I definitely didn’t know it was coming but I saw you guys kind of lining up behind the counter, so I figured you guys were going to try and make me give a painful buzzed speech. Then I saw a board with corn on it and was shocked! Shout out to Minus for helping on that one.

Your new pro deck is Indiana Pacer themed. Are you a basketball fan?

Yeah, that was such a cool opportunity. I was raised in a Pacers house watching all the games with my dad so that one was cool. Grew up in the [Ron] Artest era. Definitely fell off of keeping up with it but I’m tryin’.

Who are your all timeall-time top 5 favourite NBA players?
1) Iverson — such a beast and I had so many of his Reeboks.
2) Reggie Miller — clutch man.
3) Larry Bird — French Lick Indiana GOAT. 
4) Tracy McGrady — thought he was the steeziest dude ever as a kid. 
5) Kobe — the best.

Fs Bluntslide to flat


How do you stay inspired and motivated in Indianapolis?

I think at this point I just like to give myself little challenges with tricks. Just trying to make it fun and use skating as more of a therapeutic part of my day. Being out seeing new spots and places with your friends is everything! I also just really love Indiana so it motivates me to show people that there’s skating here too.

Heard you’re teaching the local groms how to skate?

Yeah, we just finished a pilot program to try and get skateboarding into the Physical Education curriculum in Indianapolis public schools. Me and my buddy Cam Brenkman taught a class with 30 kids in it. A lot of the kids really clung on to it, it was epic. Shout out to Tim Devlin for heading up the program!

Who do you skate with in Indianapolis? 

Well I’m always out with my friend Aaron Christopher. We’re always horny for clips so that’s an amazing thing to have. Our friend Alex Gonzales is normally out with us trying to help film or get photos with us when possible too. We’re working on a new video with Aaron, Andrew Renshaw, Drew Baylor, Anthony Rahn and Mitch Radford. Those are all my favourite people so I try to skate with them as much as possible. 
We have a new DIY that’s really turning into an amazing park and it’s right by the local shop Minus. We’re getting a lot of amazing new parks and the scene is growing from what I can tell. We have a close connection with Kevin DelGrosso and the Grains squad in Illinois too, so we’re always going out together. 

Describe your ideal pad to bully.

Oh I love this one. Basically, what I’d imagine Pier 7 to be, just a little longer. Possibly into some sort of bank landing. Mid shin pop in to a slightly above knee pop out. Marble tiles.  What do you get up to besides skating? Do you work?
Yeah I have the classic 9-5 Monday through Friday. I work at a print shop in Indy. It’s a cool little gig and I work with a bunch of friends which makes it awesome. The business has a lot of skateboarders working for it so they’re super flexible with trips. Kind of a little ecosystem of skateboarders that help run the company. And with that we can get cool opportunities to print things like the Mind Field 10 year10-year VHS covers. My friend Aaron and Tubbs hooked that up so we were able to sit in a Greg Hunt seminar going over behind the scenes of making the video. Cool things like that make it fun.


Bs 180 Fakie 5.0


How was this Miami trip different from your first one?

This was way different than my first! The first Miami trip was basically a tester trip so I was really nervous. Haha! I had never met anyone on the trip then flew into Philly to meet up with Jake Todd and Mark Del Negro. We ended up driving down from Philly and met the rest of the squad. One of the most memorable car rides for me, it was sick! It was a trippy experience having Josh Stewart pull out his VX to film me. I was like “damn homie made One Step Beyond!” Haha! But yeah, this trip was sick because it was photo based and photos are a rare thing back home.
Getting a chance to shoot with Graham on a Hasselblad was amazing. And now being good homies with everyone it’s so much different!


Go-to Gas Station snack on a trip?

Connor and I were really going in on the sweet Plantain chips this trip. I had these Garlic plantain chips that were out of control. I want to order some online! 

Best Mountain Dew flavour?

Alright. So I’ve recently put the Dew down to try and cut the sugar out so I’m more of a Kombucha guy these days. BUT I’ll have to go with OG Baja Blast straight from the Taco Bell fountain. Too crispy. 

What’s on the bucket list for this year?

I’m working on a homie video with Aaron Christopher that we want to finish late this year, and working on a Theories edit too. 

Any last words?

Thank you so much to you, Josh, and the whole Theories squad for everything you do!



Puplished in our special Theories in Miami issue in North 37


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