I love shooting natural light 35mm photographs, usually with black and white film, the faster films have amazing grain and that classic look to them. I've always had mixed results with colour, maybe because it's not that sunny up here in Scotland? Or maybe because I'm used to 120 medium format flashed up photos, and they're hard to beat!

One thing that's always bummed me out is not being able to afford all the gear I want to try out. Camera equipment is usually quite expensive, especially prime lenses with large apertures and I've never been able to justify buying any for my 35mm cameras. I'm usually shooting with my Hasselblad, but seeing the results from a number of amazing photographers on social media, I went for it.

Below are test shots using the Canon 5Dii digital body with the new Canon 85mm 1.2 lens.

The 1.2 aperture gives a large margin for error (as you can above), so you need to be bang on with your focussing. I'm not going to lie, it took me a couple of shots to get it right! 

Shooting wide open at 1.2 is definitely going to come in handy with the normal Scottish weather. It was a rare sunny day when we shot this, so much so that those greens look unreal and weird. I'm looking forward to using this lens more, hopefully things can get back to normal soon!


Skater - Ruari Britee-steer
Photographer - Graham Tait




It was brought to my attention pretty quickly that my photo had Chromatic Aberation that needed to be corrected. What is that I hear you ask? I'll show you what it looks below and this short video can give you a quick explanation.



It basically removes the weird purple glow around that skater and lighter areas of the photo. From what I can see it's pretty common, especially with shallow depth of field lenses. Check the newer edited photo below and cheers to Mike Heikkila for the heads up!


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