On my last trip to New York 5BORO's Mark Nardelli was kind enough to let me crash on his sofa. Mark had introduced me to Neil before the trip and he was keen to hook up and see what we could get. We actually ended up getting three photos on our first outing so it was a no brainer to work on a full interview.

This is a spot we hit up on the first day out. My flashes were playing up so I wasn't confident that they fired. I made the decision there and then to get the film developed in New York to make sure all the photos turned out, and it's lucky I did! One new battery later Neil was taking care of business again. Thanks Neil!



This is one of those tricks where where as soon as he's locked in you know he's good to go. Just make sure your flashes fire!



Neil Herrick - FS 180 Fakie Nosegrind
Photo - Graham Tait
Camera - Hasselblad 500CM
Film - Fuji Provia
Featured in Neil's Interview in North 20
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