Featuring 11 photographers and 5 cities, L'Habitat is a project from Polaroid that cumulated into this amazing zine. Exhibited in Beast and Arrow in Paris over the past few weeks we bring you some of the excellent photography that featured in the finished zine. We should have some exclusive copies to give away so keep an eye on our instagram on how you get your hands on one soon!

 "Everyone’s poor and everyone’s going insane in their rooms. That’s what I wanted to show. That’s skateboarding in London, mostly." - Sirus F Gahan


"Using the Polaroid camera was a lesson in relearning when to shoot. I discovered the double exposure and that was the lightbulb moment for me. I wanted to capture the six most famous spots in Paris by only showing the ground and then used the second exposure to add images that showed my style." - Yann Garin
"When you’re shooting digitally, everyone wants to look at this little image on the screen on the back of the camera but it’s not impressive. These images were done so quickly that minutes later you can see all the imperfections digital images don’t have. The light hits differently and that got everyone excited when they saw that." - Alex Papke
"I don't usually take pictures of tricks. My idea with this project was to document the friends I kind of like grew up skating with here that I've seen grow. We’re not necessarily skating all the time, so I wanted to show what it’s like around this group of people but make the images feel like Barcelona." - Chris Bravo
"I wanted to use each Polaroid image to tell a part of the story of skateboarding in Tokyo. Whether it was a sign, a spot, or somewhere we eat and party, I wanted the individual images to combine to show a journey more than single tricks." - Nobuo Iseki
A limited number of zines will be available very soon.
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