"Back in 2018 Connor Noll had started working on a single spot part at JFK Fountain in Harvard Square with Ted behind the lens. Like all great things, skate parts can take time, especially spot centric concept parts.

As time passed other projects became a priority, and Ted made the transition from VX to HD cameras, which left this juicy morsel to be almost lost and then found again. JFK Fountain is a super unique plaza, but it definitely comes with it's challenges.

In this land of granite ledges it's probably one of the best natural bank spots we have, but far from the easiest ones to skate. Connor opened that 3rd eye wide open and found new approaches and combos on this legacy spot, and something tells us he's not quite done there yet."

Filmed 2018-2022 by Ted Purtell for Orchard Skate Shop.


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