You don't come across these spots very often, but when you do you need to be prepared. Initially, Daniel wanted to Kickflip the gap, but me being the bully that I am I said I'd only shoot a 360 Flip. I knew he could do it and I also knew he'd try to cop out and do something easier. 



It took a while for him to suss out the right speed and spot to hit to avoid any water damage, but when he did it was wellies on and in the water for me. I may or may not have soaked my backside trying to get that super-low angle, but luckily it was a scorcher of a day so didn't have to wait too long to dry off.


Daniel Nicholas - 360 Flip
Photo - Graham Tait
Camera - Canon EOS3
Film - Ilford HP5 (+2 Stops)


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