On my last trip to New York I met up with 5BORO's Neil Herrick to work on an interview for the mag. Neil has a lot of homies in Philadelphia so we decided to head there to see what we could get. I'd never been before but was fully aware of the classic spots and was super hyped to go and see some of them for myself. 

It's a very different vibe to NYC but just as welcoming. We met up with Matt Militano and managed to shoot a photo. I knew straight away that I had to get Matt in the mag so I took the bus from Chinatown in NYC to Philly a couple more times to make it happen.

Matt had spied this rail but hadn't skated it yet. I set up and he starting testing this out to see how if felt. He started locking in and I started shooting. He put one down just as we got kicked out by a cop, I had two photos left on the film roll so we decided to pretend to pack up and when he left we shot the last two photos. That's all it took for Matt to ride this away.



Unfortunately I never got to see the original Love Park but I did get to see the Rocky statue and run up those famous museum steps. It was worth the trip for that alone!


Matt Militano - BS 180 Nosegrind
Photo - Graham Tait
Camera - Hasselblad 500CM
Film - Fuji Provia 100F
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