When looking at colour or b&w negatives on their own it can be hard picking the best exposure, this is where the contact sheet came into play. You'd expose all your negatives at once on one single sheet of photo paper in the darkroom, then decide which photo looks the best. I always enjoyed the process and thought I'd share the process with you.

You'll see plenty of mistakes but that's what makes you a better photographer right?

This kickflip was shot during the filming of Cover version by Dan Magee and Kevin parrot. We were passing by a rail that Manny Lopez had previously skated when we stumbled across this. The landing has a horrible metal mesh material running all over the landing, jaggy bits were poking out all over the place. That didn't stop Korahn.


Korahn Gayle - Kickflip 
Photo - Graham Tait
Camera - Hasselblad 500CM
Film - Fuji Provia 100F
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