Thanks Jake

Ryan Garshell from GX1000 just dropped 9 minutes for raw Jake Johnson footage. Thanks.

Myles For Descent

If you've been to this spot in Edinburgh then you'll know how hard it is to skate.

It didn't stop Myles.

Thanks for the photo credit Chris!



Will Miles drops his second Nike SB edit for Grey and it's a banger! Healthy amount of Scottish footage in there so get it watched!

Featuring: Colin Adam, Scott Anderson, Charlie Birch, Kyron Davis, Korahn Gayle, Chris Jones, Ross McSherry, Tyrone O'Hanrahan, Jak Pietryga, Dan West and Kyle Wilson.

Like A Mountain

Miles Kondracki & Daniel Nicholas managed to bang out an edit from their brief trip to London a few weeks back. Check it out.

Filmed & edited by Kieron Forbes.

North 12


George Horler

Film Gallery with Alex Reyes, Benjamin Deberdt, George Hanuschak, Paul Coutherut, Robert Christ, Robert Murphy, Sam Roberts, Sam Shuman, Sebastien Panzarella, Thomas Trnka, & Todd Midler.

Myles Rushforth

We'll be launching issue 12 next Monday the 21st of November at Civerinos with a £6 pizza slice & beer deal. 

For more details please click HERE! Pre-order your copy HERE!

Cover: Myles Rushforth - FS Nosegrind Photo: Graham Tait

Cover: Myles Rushforth - FS Nosegrind

Photo: Graham Tait

Fabric - Sundays

Fabric skateboards have just released this rad new edit from 2016. There's some sick footage from new riders Will Sheerin and Connor North. James Bush is ridiculous and it's always good to see new Baines footage.

Featuring: Will Sheerin, Jason Lewer, Connor North, Mark Baines, & James Bush.


Colin Reid is a nutjob. He wastes no time after the release of Spirit Quest to drop this brian melter.

Kyron Davis - One Take

If I don't have to rush to set up my flashes then I'm hyped. I imagined shooting during the week on a busy London street would be a headache, but it turned out be be pretty easy. There were a few workmen eating lunch on the bench so I had time to set up, which was nice. As soon as they had gone I was ready to roll. After wiping some puddle water off the bench from the leaky bridge, Kyron was straight on it with an ollie. Being a photographer you heard a lot of claims, so when he claimed this first go it wasn't anything I hadn't heard before! 

Boom! Landed first go, no problem at all. I think this may be the only time where I've only shot one frame of a trick. No attempts, no bails, no 'one more go'. Just handled straight up like a champ. 

I was nervous about getting this one developed, I usually like to have a couple to chose from so the pressure was on. I think it came out ok!

FS Flip - Photo: Graham Tait

FS Flip - Photo: Graham Tait

Antithesis 001

Attempts, makes, b-roll and outtakes from Jake Bidmeads "Thesis" part for Theobalds Cap Co, shot over Spring / Summer 2016 in London, England.

New Balance Numeric : Barge At Will

New Balance UK teamed up with Sidewalk to brave the rough canal waters from Leeds to Liverpool. Check the rad video below and article here.

Featuring Mark Baines, Andy Evans, Jethro Coldwell, Jeremy Jones, Cam Barr, & Seb Batty.

Prime Meridian

A new edit from Hold Tight Henry featuring Tommy May, Joel Banner, Tom Fox, Nick Jensen, Shaun Witherup, Chris Oliver, Jeremy Jones, Elliott Wright, Mark Radman and Ewen Bower.

Press Play

Tiago Lemos just dropped this insane part. Straight up amazing street skating.

Get it watched now.