Color Fools / Red Fool / Julien Morin

"With this Red Fool, Color Fools takes up some color, in a literal as well figurative sense, as we introduce quite the colorful character here, as explains Julien Paccard: "Morin is 27 and works in an Annecy hospital, where you can rent televisions from him. Red fits him pretty well: any session with him, you will come back with five different footage, all filmed within two hours… It is also quite possible that three quarters of this part have been filmed hangover. That's for him, not me… He sure likes to party, but despite that, stays focused and efficient!"

- Live Skateboard Media

Color Fools / Yellow Fool / Sylvain Bergasse

"Our Color Fools series is starting to beef up a little, with a third episode, and therefore a new color: orange! How many spots of that hue do you have around your neck of the world? Maybe none… That did not stop Sylvain Bergasse to tackle it, as explains the Color Fools mastermind, Julien Paccard: "Sylvain is 25, studies psychomotricy in Geneva and survives off French welfare, but that stopped him from buying plane tickets to go find orange spots! He does resemble his color, actually: always in a good mood!" 

- Live Skateboard Media

Arto Saari

An unused portrait of Arto from the New Balance article in issue 06 of North.  I think he shot more photos on that trip that myself, Sam Ashley, and everyone else combined.

It would be good to see them all!

Of London

If you haven't heard of the Of London Book, head over to Grey where they catch up with Alex Irvine to chat about it.

can't wait to get a hold of one, looks sick.


This is something else. I'm excited about a company for the first time in ages. Yes.

Color Fools / Yellow Fool / Stephane Zanette

"Color Fools keeps on unfolding, with a second part that could seem tricky, at first: yellow! That would be unless the Yellow Fool is Stéphane Zanette, as he's the kind of guy with always a new spot up his sleeve! Julien Paccard, the film maker had this to say about his Fool: "Stéphane is 40, lives in Barcelona where he is teaching math, and skates more than anyone I know. We met about seven years ago, in Annecy, where I was doing University. We skated a lot together, with a similar look at it. Now, he is a good friend whom I travel with on the regular, and with equal contentment each time. He is behind the site, which will tell you a lot about the guy…" 

- Live Skateboard Media

Joe Sivell

Science Skateboards just dropped these rad offcuts of Joe Sivell. Their full video should be dropping this summer so keep your eyes peeled!

Bristo Square R.I.P

I was trying to be optimistic, but looks like is game over.

I've been skating and shooting photos there for 20 years now, that's a hell of a long time. Without Bristo Square I wouldn't be where I am today. I wouldn't have been involved in skateboarding to the extent that i have been, whether it be working in Focus or starting North. 
I've seen thousands of skaters come and go from there, a large majority of whom became my friends. Every city needs a Bristo Square, i hope we can find another.

It's a sad day for Edinburgh and a sad day for Scottish skateboarding.

Bristo Square R.I.P

Color Fools / White Fools / Marc Leblanc

As if it's not nard enough filming a full section, Live Skateboard Media have teamed up with the man behind the project (and who has the first section) Marc Leblanc.

You are only allowed to skate objects that are the colour you were assigned. Sound interesting? It is! We'll be posting all the sections and colours as they are released. 

For more info on the unique project please click HERE.


Color Fools

Live Skateboard Media have been working on this project, could be interesting.

New Balance - VX 4000

The fact that i've already watched this a few times is a good sign. Everyone comes correct in the latest edit from New Balance Numeric. 

Vicious Circle

Get your headphones in for this clip, the sound is great! It also has one of the best Kickflips on flat that i've seen in a while. Rad.