“The Öctagon is totalitarian and omniscient. Billions of data are generated by this independent system and build a unique reality. Individuals live within the Öctagon. Geographic space doesn’t exist for real, it is not tangible but still defined by a multitude of data."

Color Fools / Black Fool / Adrian Poncet

With the task of closing down Color Fools, one could guess Adrian Poncet would have quite the load of spots, but he also got a little more than that, as confirms Julien Paccard, the brain behind this project where skaters can only film on one designated color: "Adrian could only be the Black Fool: not only is he very gifted as a skateboarder, but also because of the fact that living up in the mountains in Chamonix, he chooses to never turn on the heat in his apartment… He just does not compromise, over nothing. He loves skateboarding, and could care less about anything else!"
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Arto Saari

Taken from the New Balance Numeric article featured in Issue 06.

Photography: Graham Tait

Lightbox - Grey

Phil Evans just dropped this hammer. The first in a series of short movies all shot on 8mm and featuring animation from Mike O'Shea and music from Gibbo.

featuring Darius Trabalza, Jak Pietryga, Jeremy Jones, Joe Gavin, John Bell, Joe Gavin and Luka Pinto.

Color Fool / Green Fool / Gabriel Zufferey

The second to last part of Color Fools crosses the border, which makes sense for such a project based a few kilometers away from Switzerland: "Gab is a skater I would always notice whenever I was in Geneva! But I never met him until we started speaking about filming his part. His style is powerful, he doesn't fake it… He works at a skateshop, but also at the local skatepark. This Argentinean Swiss is part of the OG2000 crew, and it is an Argentinean friend, Mario Musicart, that composed his track, with a reference to the color, like for every other part…"
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Color Fool / Blue Fool / Julien Paccard

The sixth part of Color Fools is a bit more special, as it is the one that started it all! Julien Paccard had first decided to tackle himself the challenge of filming a full part on naturally blue spots only, as he was telling us a little while ago, before dragging in a whole gang of reckless fools in the mix… So, yes, this Blue Fool is the film maker behind the whole thing, and the least you can say is that filming his seven associates did not slow him down for his own personal mission! The part also features a custom track from Matias Elichabehere… Go on, Blue Boy!
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Color Fool / Pink Fool / Paul Anguenot

"Do you even know about one pink spot!? This fifth part from the Color Fools project sounded like a nightmare to make happen, but it seems like Julien Paccard had found the ideal candidate for it: "When I proposed the pink part to Paul, I only had met him a couple hours prior. You only need to watch him skate for a few minutes to realize there is something wrong with him! He is studying architecture and, frankly, I'm worried his future constructions might be as odd as his tricks! His head is somewhere else, but his feet are sure on his board…"

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Nike SB X James Jarvis

Nike SB have teamed up with the London based illustrator to bring you two Nike SB Free shoes. Peep them below, along with the edit.