Santa Cruz European Tour

The Santa Cruz US team is coming to Europe! Tom Asta, Eric Dressen, Tom Remillard, Kevin Braun, Erick Winksowski and Jeremy Knibbs will all be in attendance, so be there!

June 25th - London, UK, Stockwell Skatepark 6pm

June 27th - Brighton, UK, Level Skatepark 6.30pm

June 29th - Chelles, France, Cosa Nostra skatepark 6.30pm

July 1st - Lille, France, Lille Bowl, 4pm

July 2nd - Eindhoven, Netherlands, Area 51 Skatepark 5pm

July 4th - Utrecht, Netherlands, Skatepark Utrecht, 8pm

July 5th - Osnabrueck, Germany, Osnabrueck Skatepark 5pm

July 6th - Muenster, Germany, Skatepark Gievenbeck, 5pm

July 7th - Cologne, Germany, Northbrigade Skatepark 6pm