Converse UK - Braving The Cold

The UK Converse CONS tour to promote the KA3 shoe was decided for January 2015, which obviously provokes scepticism in regards to a piss wet Albion, but the hunger to visit new places and to see what we could conjure up with was high and provoked the tour name ‘Braving The Cold’, which seemed all too pertinent.

We managed to get lucky with the weather throughout the week, it was a ‘right place at the right time’ sort of vibe. We were visiting a different city everyday starting off in Jamie Platt’s hometown of Bournemouth. From there we went along the South coast to Portsmouth, then up towards Oxford, Wolverhampton and Stoke-On-Trent until we got to the North, stopping off at Sheffield and Manchester.

Visiting a different city each day kept everything fresh but it meant that the days were very long. It was worth it in the end though because the lads pulled through and produced this banging clip for your viewing pleasure…

- Reece Leung

Filmed & Edited by James Cruikshank