Old Age Barrier

"I must govern the clock, not be governed by it". Marcio Maciel De Melo has been skateboarding now for five years, today he celebrates his fortieth birthday, in between his two jobs he skates everyday, he was born in Brazil and migrated to England in 2005, he used to be an accounted in his motherland and now attains a living preparing food for people. He is a chef and he loves being a chef. He has tried his hand at a many hobbies including, handball, volleyball and basketball, he considers all of the prior to be merely distractions on the path to his true passion, for the majority of people this passion is found in their teenage years, for Marcio he it took him thirty five years, now that he has found it, he exudes a love for this action that is an inspiration for everyone - WELCOME TO SKATEBOARDING MARCIO MACIEL DE MELO.