Kevin Coakley - Look Left Part

Theories Of Atlantis have uploaded Kevin Coakley's part from the latest Traffic video.

It's a banger.


Get your head around this new edit from New Balance!

Featuring: Brandon Westgate, Flo Mirtain, Franky Villani, Jake Hayes, Jordan Taylor, Karl Salah, Levi Brown, Nisse Ingemarsson, & Tyler Surrey.

Filmed and edited by Russell Houghten and James Messina.

Piilgrim - Third Eye

Piilgrim Clothing drops their first edit and it's good.

Featuring: Jeremy Jones, Tom Day, Keanu Robson, Frank Stephens & Jiri Bulin.

Filmed and edited by Mark Kendrick.



North 16

North 16 will be hitting shops end of the week. Pre-order here.


Saul Crumlish

Film Gallery with: Alberto Polo, Balthazar Wyss, Bart Jones, Erik Groß, Graham Tait, Jan Vollmann, Jersey Dave, Luciano Pecoits, Masahiro Yoshimoto, Pablo García Rodríguez, Robert Christ, Sam Coady, Sam Shuman, Sébastien Panzarella, & Todd Taylor.

Joe Gavin

 Cover: Joe Gavin - Nollie BS Tailslide  Photo: Graham Tait

Cover: Joe Gavin - Nollie BS Tailslide

Photo: Graham Tait

Miles Silva - Rough Cuts

Thrasher have just released the raw footage from Miles Silva's Numbers Edition 3 part.

It's good.

Pete Copeland

Back Smith at the Leith D.I.Y.

 Photo: Graham Tait

Photo: Graham Tait

Theories in Chicago

Theories Of Atlantis in Chicago. 

Featuring: Brett Weinstein, Brendan Carroll, Luke Malaney, Christian Maalouf, Taylor Nawrocki, Steffen Watts, Kevin Coakley, Steve Brandi, Josh Stewart, Pat Steiner, Joey Yates, CJ Kelly, & John Baragwanath.

Korahn Gayle - Grey Part

Korahn absolutely smashes it. 

Filmed and edited by George Nevin. Additional filming by Austin Bristow.

Supported by Nike SB and Skateboard Cafe.


Featuring: Calvin Aka Blakmamba,Dead Dave,Ben Broyd,Puke Wizard,Moggins,Rasheed Osman,Jake Wain,Spole Jefferson,Matlock,Whammobitch,Prawn Currie,Miles Clark Wallace,Faro
Filmed And Edited By Martin Kennelly


We're hyped to be supporting Simie and his new Edit.


Graham Anderson, Sean Revill, Miles Kondracki, Rory Muirhead, George Horler, Andy White, Tom Shimmin, Shank Sinatra, Myles Shankie, Jordan Coleman, & Fraser McIlroy.

Filmed and edited by Simie in the streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh, May-November 2017.


The full Palace video is here!

Featuring Rory Milanes, Chewy Cannon, Shawn Powers, Meka, Charlie Young, Jamal Smith, Lucas Puig, Benny Fairfax, Oli Todd, Danny Brady, Torey Goodall, Karim Bakhtaoui, Juan Saavedra, Blondey McCoy, Lucien Clarke, & Nick Jensen.