Hyped to have been featured in Lucas Beaufort's documentary 'Devoted'.

Everything you need to know about why print media is so important to skateboarding.

Featuring a shit load of photographers, magazine editors, and skaters. Get it watched!

More info here.

Vans X Pyramid Country

Vans Pro Skate presents a special, limited-release glow-in-the-dark Half Cab Pro inspired by Arizona-based skateboarding collective, Pyramid Country. Spawned from the psychedelic Sonoran Desert in the summer of 2012 by a group of working class outcasts, Pyramid Country’s creative skate video direction is a true extension of the brand’s persona and unique desert surroundings.

Available worldwide from the 23rd or September. 

15th & JFK

Chris Mulhern has just released this short teaser with Bill Strobeck for his upcoming LOVE Park documentary, "15th and JFK".

This will be amazing.

The DC Promo

Featuring the full DC team including my favourites Wes Kremer, Josh Shanahan, Josh Kalis, & Matt Miller.

Oh, and Tiago Lemos!!!